November 18, 2023

When Should I Say I Love You More?

Whether it's a text, FaceTime call or in-person chat, a "I love you more" from your partner can be a real emotional high. But when those words come from a place of neediness rather than love, it can be dangerous. This can be an indicator of a toxic partner who's likely to use this tactic of love-bombing as a way to one-up your feelings and create a cycle of dependence that you're unlikely to escape from.

Despite the fact that there's no set timeline for when you should say "I love you more," there are clues that can help you decide when the time is right for you and your partner. According to Newsweek, experts suggest that you consider factors such as passion, intimacy, trust and commitment when deciding if you're ready for this next step in your relationship.

Additionally, the manner in which you say it can offer more insight into what your partner is thinking. For instance, some people value casual communication and prefer to communicate in a style similar to their own personalities. They may skip the "I" in their declarations of love, and that's a reflection of their values, not a bad thing.

It's also worth noting that your partner's ego may play a role in when you say the words. If you're in a romantic partnership with someone like Kanye West, for example, you may want to be careful not to make a claim of love that could hurt his ego and potentially jeopardize your relationship.


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