November 18, 2023

When Does What If Come Out?

Marvel fans rejoiced when Disney+ launched What If, a series that reimagines key events from the MCU films in unexpected ways. Now, the animated show is coming back for a second season with an exciting new batch of episodes.

But when does what if come out? Fans have been waiting with bated breath to see this sequel, but it hasn’t quite arrived yet. This news comes as a surprise considering that the series had been delayed a few times in the past year. But with the series now slated to arrive around Christmas 2023, things are looking up for the show.

The first season of What If took viewers on a journey through the MCU’s multiverse, exploring alternate timelines that showcase what might have happened if major events in the Marvel movies had played out differently. Featuring familiar faces like Uatu (Jeffrey Wright), Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Captain America (Josh Keaton) and even a HYDRA Stomper (Lake Bell), the series also introduced some new heroes as well.

In the second season, The Watcher will continue to guide viewers through diverse worlds across the MCU as they meet heroes and villains who’ve never been seen before. It’s expected that the season will feature more Alternate Universe versions of recognizable characters and explore the multiverse a bit further than the first season did.

The animation in What If is flawless and the voice acting is amazing, especially that of the actors who replaced the MCU stars who couldn’t reprise their roles for the animated series. The show’s creative team is already thinking ahead to the second season, reportedly having a number of ideas for potential storylines.


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