November 18, 2023

What You Know About Love

What You Know About Love

There's no such thing as a universal sign that you are in love, but some common indicators include a sense of bliss and stability, a desire to spend more time together, and feelings of euphoria and heart-pounding excitement. Those intense emotions usually occur as a result of an increase in hormones, such as dopamine and norepinephrine. Then, as oxytocin levels rise and you develop attachment, your bond with that person can become more emotionally intimate and lasting.

When you love someone, their thoughts and words occupy a lot of real estate in your head. They may be on your mind all the time, or you might find yourself rehashing conversations in your head at work or envisioning your future with them. It's also normal for their appearance to become a major part of your daydreams, especially in the early stages of lust and attraction.

Another indication of true love is that you ignore other people, according to psychologist Theresa DiDonato. "If you're no longer swiping right on dating apps or DMing other potential partners, that's a big clue," she tells Oprah Daily. You might even notice that you're no longer as curious about what other people have to offer, despite the fact that they could be an amazing partner or friend.

While falling in love often means letting go of your other friendships, platonic love can run deep as well. In fact, it might be more stable and lasting than romantic love. A new song from late rapper Pop Smoke called What You Know Bout Love is a perfect example of this. The track features Boston, Massachusetts producer Tashim Zen (aka IamTash) and samples Ginuwine's 2001 R&B hit, Differences. The single was released to digital platforms in 2020 and featured on his posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon.


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