November 19, 2023

What to Talk About in Therapy

If you've never been to therapy before, you may be unsure of what to talk about. During the first session, there will be lots of things to discuss – such as what propelled you to seek out this type of help, your past history that helps give context to your current challenges, and general "getting to know you" topics.

However, it's not always necessary to come in with a laundry list of issues that you want to address; your therapist is there to guide the conversation as needed. Throughout the course of treatment, it's common for people to enter into therapy with one thing on their mind only to find themselves talking about other things as well.

Some of the things that people tend to avoid bringing up in therapy are because they feel that their concerns aren't big enough or that they are just "life" stuff that doesn't warrant attention. However, it's important to know that even the most mundane of conversations can be helpful.

The other reason for people feeling like they have nothing to talk about is because they aren't sure where to start. This can be especially true for clients who are struggling with symptoms such as anxiety and depression without an obvious cause, or who have been struggling to identify a specific problem that they are trying to address.

In these situations, it can be helpful to focus on a client's strengths. For example, if they have been making progress in managing their anxiety lately, this is something to highlight and celebrate. It can also be helpful to discuss ways that they have been able to overcome challenges that arise in their lives, which can provide insight into the ways they handle difficult situations in their everyday life.


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