August 18, 2023

What to Say to a One-Sided Friendship

A healthy friendship is a two-way street where both friends care about one another and invest time in the relationship. But, unfortunately, there are some people who only want to benefit from the friendship. These people are often one-sided and can leave you feeling emotionally drained.

You find yourself being used by your friend. Whether it's asking you for money or emotional support, or just using you as a listening ear, this is a sign that your friendship is one-sided and not healthy for either of you.

Your friend doesn't respect your boundaries. This can be anything from them calling or texting at random times to invade your personal space, or simply showing up unannounced. They may also use flattery or insults to guilt you into doing what they want.

Their life priorities come before yours. If your friend seems to always be busy or distracted by something else in their life, this is a clear sign that they don't value you as a person. They might say that they're tired or stressed and that it's not their fault. But you should know that this is an excuse to ignore your feelings and not make any effort towards the relationship.

They never reach out to you first or invite you to events. They may even be reluctant to spend any time with you. Unless they have a good reason for not contacting you, this is a sign that they're only interested in being your friend when they need something from you.


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