November 19, 2023

What to Put in a Salad

When making a salad, the choice of what to put in it can make or break the final result. To make a salad feel like more than just a bowl of greens, try topping it with crunchy vegetables, healthy nuts, protein-rich beans and fruit. There are many carb options to add too, such as whole grains like quinoa, barley and couscous, or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, peas and corn. And don't forget to add protein - boiled chicken, shrimp or salmon are great options that will make the salad more filling.

Tomatoes are a classic salad topping because they're juicy, colorful and full of vitamins A and C. They also go well with most other ingredients in a salad. If you have a strong tolerance for their pungent flavor, red or yellow onions are another option that can spice up your salad. If not, consider following this tip from a Reddit user and soaking the onion in cold water before cutting it.

Nuts and seeds add a lot of texture to a salad, as well as protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals. Cashews are a favorite among many salad-lovers because they're a bit sweet, and walnuts and almonds offer a nutty taste that can complement almost any other salad ingredient. Pumpkin, sesame and chia seeds are also excellent options that provide a variety of flavors to your salad.

For a more refreshing flavor, slice up a fresh green apple or a sweet mango and sprinkle it on your salad. Dried fruit such as cranberries, raisins and cherries can also add sweetness.


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