March 23, 2023

What to Look For in a Meditation Blanket

A meditation blanket is a very versatile accessory that can be used for many different yoga and meditation styles. However, it is important to get the right one that suits you. Here are some things to look for:

The right size is a must! It should enclose your body and provide you with additional warmth when it gets cold during meditation. This will help you concentrate better in meditation and prevent mental distractions.

It should be made from a natural material that is comfortable on your skin and also ethically sourced for animal welfare. This makes it a great choice for any yogi who is looking for a sustainable alternative to wool blankets.

Some people prefer a heavy, thick meditation blanket to keep them warm during meditation. They are usually woven from cotton and feature a variety of colors and patterns.

These can be tucked into thick bolsters for kneeling or lotus style meditations, folded longways to be rolled up into a shawl or wrapped around you for added support and comfort. They also make an excellent traveling pillow or if you want to have something to snuggle with while on a long flight.

You can get these from a variety of places including online and in physical stores. Some are even sold in sets and can be a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves meditation!

This weighted blanket helps you relax and focus your attention during meditation. Its 7 layers use glass beads to gently warm your body and regulate your temperature. It is lightweight at 2.7 pounds and machine washable (on a cold, gentle cycle).


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