August 19, 2023

What to Eat Wheat Thins With

Whether you're enjoying them on their own or paired with savory dips and spreads, Wheat Thins can be an excellent source of dietary fiber. They also contain a good amount of iron, calcium and vitamin E. However, because they're high in carbohydrates and fat, they should be consumed sparingly as part of a weight loss diet.

A traditional favorite, guacamole is a perfect pairing for the crispy crackers. The rich, creamy texture and earthy flavors of this dip complement the crackers' nutty flavor perfectly. Hummus is another great option for a snack that can help satisfy a sweet or savory craving. Made from chickpeas and tahini, this dip has a smooth texture that's complemented by the crunchiness of Wheat Thins.

For a heartier snack, try turning your Wheat Thins into mini bruschetta with a topping of avocado, tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic. This is a dish that can easily be prepared at home and is sure to impress.

Unlike many other processed snacks, original Wheat Thins do not contain any high-fructose corn syrup or trans fats. They also do not have any cholesterol, and their sodium content is relatively low. However, they do contain 1 g of saturated fat per serving, which is something to keep in mind if you're watching your saturated fat intake. Additionally, they contain a small amount of iron, which can be helpful for people with blood iron deficiency. They are free of several common allergens, but they do contain wheat and are produced in a facility that processes milk and soy.


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