August 18, 2023

What to Eat After Pulling Wisdom Teeth

After your wisdom teeth removal, it’s important to choose foods that are easy to chew and avoid hard or sticky textures. Sticky food can pull at the blood clot that protects the healing socket, and it can also interfere with pain medications. In addition, it’s best to avoid food that is steamy hot, since the suction can cause a painful condition called dry socket.

Soft foods include scrambled eggs, cottage cheese (a great source of calcium and protein) and sliced avocado. You can also make a smoothie, mixing fruits and vegetables with a scoop of protein powder and milk to give your body the nutrients it needs during this time.

Broth-based soups and smooth, blended foods are also excellent choices following wisdom tooth removal. You can try tomato, pumpkin, or cream of celery soups to provide hydration and nutrition as you recover.

Once you’ve gotten the okay from your dentist, you can re-introduce some more solid foods. Try small amounts of meat, such as chicken or ground beef, but don’t eat anything too chewy until the site has healed a bit more. You can also re-introduce veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots, as long as they’re steamed until they’re almost as soft as mashed potatoes. You can even re-introduce some fruits such as bananas, so long as they’re not too crunchy or sticky. Just be sure to rinse your mouth well after eating to remove any residue that could irritate the surgical site.


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