August 18, 2023

What to Do When You Accidentally Cut Your Gums

Gums are very delicate and tend to bleed easily when cut. Cuts on gum tissue may seem minor but they should be treated as any other injury to the mouth and should not be ignored. A good oral health routine promotes faster wound healing and prevents infection. Knowing what to do when you accidentally cut your gums can help you prevent infections and other complications that can lead to dental problems in the future.

The most common way to cut your gums is by biting down too hard on something that has a pointy edge. This can happen with chips, apples, or other foods with pointed ends that are difficult to bite through. Another way that the gums are cut is by using a toothbrush with kinked or damaged bristles or by flossing too vigorously. Lastly, the gums can get cut by playing contact sports or other physical accidents that result in a physical injury to the mouth.

When you accidentally cut your gums, first take care to stop the bleeding. This can be done by pressing on the area with a piece of clean cloth or paper towel. Rinsing the mouth with cool water can also be helpful in preventing bacteria from entering the wound. A saltwater rinse is a great way to keep the area clean and sanitized, so be sure to rinse daily with warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt.

If the wound is deep, it is best to see a dentist or doctor for treatment. This will likely include a clean of the wound, antibiotics, or stitches if required. This is particularly important if the wound appears to be infected. A fever, pus discharge from the cut, and increasing pain are all signs that you should seek prompt medical attention.


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