November 19, 2023

What the Actual F is Wrong With Me Quiz

There are many quizzes on the internet that claim to tell you more about your personality. However, the latest viral quiz titled ‘what the actual f is wrong with me’ is not exactly reliable or clinically validated. According to psychotherapists, these kinds of quizzes create a sense of dissatisfaction with self and promote low self-esteem. They also discourage self-growth by creating a feeling of shame and resentment.

The “what the actual f is wrong with me” quiz is a 14-question personality quiz that has been circulating on social media. It was developed on uquiz, an online quiz-making platform and includes questions such as if you would choose to kill Kylie Jenner or Jeff Bezos, whether you wear socks in bed, and if you are a picky eater. The quiz has gone viral, with some participants claiming to have taken it and received results that were extremely harsh.

Several factors can influence the accuracy of quizzes, including the questions and structure. For example, if the quiz taker is familiar with the questions, they may be more likely to answer them confidently and accurately. Additionally, the user’s mood and mindset can affect their interpretation of the questions and how they answer them. For example, if the user is stressed or anxious, they may be more likely to select negative answers.

Another factor to consider is the purpose and context of the quiz. These quizzes can be used for entertainment and self-reflection, but they are not suitable for assessing or diagnosing personality traits. Additionally, they can be damaging if used to make judgments about others. Ultimately, it is best to seek guidance from a mental health professional for accurate personality assessments.


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