January 27, 2024

What Is Yoga and Why Should You Practice It?

what is yoga

Many people view yoga as simply physical exercise, but in truth it's an entire system designed to promote wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Yoga includes meditation, breathing exercises and body postures developed in ancient India in order to help individuals find balance and live more fully.

Meditation's origins lie in Hindu philosophy, yet it doesn't require you to adhere to any specific religious belief to practice it. No matter your views on spirituality or belief systems, scientific evidence shows how meditation can positively impact both your brain and body.

One study demonstrated how yoga's emphasis on holding your own weight while performing poses and movements can actually build strength, while another demonstrated it can improve posture. But that's not the only benefit to consider adding yoga into your fitness regime: Another research paper discovered practicing yoga can increase resilience to stress while improving how one perceives themselves; plus another suggests it could even lower blood pressure!

Laskowski emphasizes the importance of consulting your physician prior to beginning any yoga program, particularly if you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. You should then discuss any conditions with your instructor and decide on a form that's most suited to you.


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