March 20, 2024

What is Yoga?

Many people associate yoga with flexible bodies performing intricate poses; while this may be accurate, there's much more to this ancient practice than meets the eye.

Yoga derives its name from the Sanskrit word Yog, which translates as union. Yoga practice involves physical, mental and spiritual disciplines designed to promote self-realization while attuning individuals to the Universal Consciousness.

Yoga has been shown to offer several health-enhancing benefits, including stress reduction, supporting healthy activity and eating patterns, improving mental/emotional health, flexibility, balance and sleep. Some evidence even points to yoga helping those living with chronic diseases manage symptoms more effectively and improve quality of life overall.

Studies conducted on yoga's benefits showed it can increase balance, coordination and strength as well as reduce pain in the back, neck and knees. Furthermore, practicing yoga may even aid with depression and anxiety issues.

Most people want a sense of wholeness and wellbeing in their lives, including physical and mental health, understanding, wisdom, peace and freedom. Yoga provides us with all of these things while helping us find our own path to spiritual liberation. Being secular practice it has become popular with people from different faiths as well as atheists/agnostics - this makes yoga truly global phenomenon!


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