March 19, 2023

What Is the Purpose of Formalized Codes of Ethics in the Health Care Professions?

what is the purpose of formalized codes of ethics in the health care professions

What is the purpose of formalized codes of ethics in the health care professions?

The purpose of a formalized code of ethics in a health profession is to govern the behavior of members and increase the competence and standards of care. These codes are usually structured around existing ethical issues within the health professions, such as patient confidentiality or malpractice law.

Several organizations for healthcare professionals have their own formalized codes of ethics. They are designed to eliminate unacceptable or immoral behavior from their members. Some of these codes are also intended to increase the professionalism and standards of care in their organization.

What are the underlying moral principles of a code of ethics?

A code of ethics is a document that sets forth the expectations, standards of practice, and principles of conduct for a business or organization. This type of policy statement can essentially form a type of legislation if it details clear penalties for employees or members who violate the code.

What are the legal consequences of violating a code of ethics?

A professional or medical code of ethics can include a variety of sanctions for members who violate the code. These may include suspension or eviction from membership in the society.

What are the ethical obligations of a physician or therapist when consulting with a website visitor?

In the Internet age, physicians and therapists are increasingly exploring the boundaries of the patient-provider relationship. Adapting the ethical guidelines that are generally accepted in the medical field to online relationships is challenging. Whether and how physicians and therapists are obligated to website visitors is an important question for the future of the medical Internet.


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