January 27, 2024

What is Tantra Yoga?

tantra yoga

Many are wary to try tantra yoga due to misperceptions about sexuality and spirituality; however, tantra yoga is an inclusive practice which encompasses all areas of life to reach personal freedom.

Tantra derives its name from the verbal root 'tan' which translates as elaborate or expand upon and can be seen as an analogy for how Tantrik spiritual practices can incorporate their principles into every aspect of one's life. Tantricism explores Shiva-Shakti balance to uncover your truth through exploring their dark-light energies that form your energy field and balance both body and mind energy levels.

Tantra stands in stark contrast to Vedic Yoga tradition which focused on asceticism; rather, Tantra provides an inclusive path open to everyone. Tantrikas tend to be lay practitioners who bring the non-dual principle into all aspects of their lives - be it washing dishes or making love! For the first time in yoga history, householders were now able to aspire towards spiritual liberation (moksha).

Tantra yoga entails many practices that can be done either alone or with others, from relaxing tension and strengthening core muscles to improving posture, balancing energy levels and overall health benefits. Meanwhile, its energetic focus lies in harnessing and channeling body's flow of energy in various forms - with sexual energy as a particular focus point.


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