March 18, 2024

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra yoga aims to integrate body, mind and soul in order to build power, strength and clarity for greater personal power, connection to other people and the wider world, love of self and connections to all aspects of life. Tantra's energy can transform lives across every field!

Tantra means "to weave," and tantra yoga practice can be described as an intricate tapestry with many interweaved strands. Tantra encompasses all yoga traditions which originate in India's rich Hinduism culture, such as Kundalini Yoga or Jivamukti yoga.

Classical Vedanta emphasizes detachment from the world, while Tantra understands this to be an impossibility without fully engaging with it as an expression of Brahma (Spirit). Tantra doesn't ask its aspirants to forgo desires but embraces and channels them towards an increased union between Shiva and Shakti.

Tantra may evoke images of pretzel-like sexual positions or uninhibited sex for many Westerners; this misconception stems from misguided presentations by some yoga teachers who misunderstood its true purpose; nonetheless, tantra is real and powerful, with more yoga practitioners tuning into its deep energies each year and seeing how its teachings apply in today's modern world - providing pathways toward ecstatic experiences and liberation.


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