March 11, 2024

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra yoga is an approach to self-liberation that uses our bodies and energies to reach an enlightened state of personal freedom. Tantra, from its root tan- which translates as "to weave", shows us how we can harness our energies to shape reality through tantra yoga practice.

Due to Western occultists' early 20th Century discovery of tantra, it gained a negative image. Viewed as an irreverent view of reality wherein everything exists as part of one big sexual and creative union between God and Goddess, its practices became associated with sexual practices.

Truth be told, though tantra does include many seductive techniques, it isn't all about sexuality. Neo-tantra yoga often requires partners for the more sexual practices; traditional or authentic tantra however is done alone and internal. Tantra seeks balance between Shiva and Shakti; yin and yang; darkness and light to find your personal equilibrium within yourself.

Tantra Yoga requires time and dedication in order to fully master it; results won't arrive overnight! Finding an excellent teacher and support network is vital - just like when playing an instrument or studying physics! Tantra Yoga needs mentors too!


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