February 1, 2024

What is Tantra Yoga?

tantra yoga

Are You An Avid Yoga Fan? Chances are, you have heard about Tantra Yoga -- an ancient form of yogic practice focused on sexuality and spirituality. But What Is Tantra Yoga Exactly?

Tantra yoga may not be for everyone; it requires an open mind and the willingness to embrace a spiritual approach to your body. Though less physically-demanding than other forms of yoga, this style does require greater focus and concentration from participants in class. Breathing exercises begin by simply harmonizing each other's inhalations and exhalations cycles before progressing to reciprocal breathing - sharing energy by breathing in on one another's exhalations cycles or vice versa.

Tantra yoga involves meditations that connect breath with body energy and surroundings, with visualizations designed to focus on chakras. No matter if you practice alone or with someone else, tantra yoga techniques can help create intimacy between self and others in ways different than most forms of yoga.

Attributing sexual techniques to Tantra yoga is to misunderstand its essence. Many who turn to Tantra aren't looking for relief from sexual dissatisfaction but rather want deeper connections between themselves and others - or simply more pleasure from life itself.


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