March 18, 2024

What is Spiritual Cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing involves moving, shifting and recirculating stagnant energy to rejuvenate oneself physically, spiritually and energetically. This can include cleansing the physical body, home or spaces as well as objects which hold memories or contain negative vibrations - particularly beneficial for people sensitive to energies of people or places.

Spiritual cleansing practices draw on spiritual principles without necessitating any specific faith or belief system to enjoy them. Instead, these techniques focus on energy and intention and can be enjoyed by anyone - be it meditation, smudging, taking a salt bath or simply listing negative experiences - so long as your attention remains fully present during each stage. Focusing on positive results and feeling rejuvenated should help bring about lasting change and renewal.

For instance, when cleansing yourself or others, visualize a white light spreading over every part of your body as each aspect illuminates. Or if clearing home or spaces, surround yourself with smoke from sage or palo santo wood burning and state your intention by asking God, the Universe or spirit to remove any negativity from that space you're purifying.

As part of your spiritual cleansing ritual, consider performing a symbolic gesture such as writing and burning a letter to those who have caused you pain, in order to release any pent-up resentments and move on without carrying these burdens with you. Also take time for yourself by disconnecting your phone and taking some time away from social media or any other digital distractions.


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