March 10, 2024

What is Samsara Meaning?

Samsara refers to the Buddhist belief in a timeless cycle of birth, death and rebirth that all living things experience. Karma--the law of cause and effect--operates this cycle, with every action having an associated consequence that could manifest either immediately or later on depending on one's intentions.

According to Buddhist philosophy of Samsara, all living beings experience dukkha or suffering. This manifests itself in various forms including physical pain, emotional distress and spiritual dissatisfaction. Attachment and craving lead to grasping at things which cannot be attained or sustained, leading eventually to rebirth in Samsara's realm.

Samsara beings include gods, asuras, animals, hungry ghosts and humans - these beings all inhabit different realms with unique characteristics and degrees of suffering - such as gods enjoying long lives of pleasure and luxury while asuras wage war between themselves; animals suffer hunger cold disease while hungry ghosts reside in an endless circle of pain; hell beings are subject to torture with fire ice and water - making life in samsara one hellish journey indeed!

The Buddha taught that nirvana, or liberation from rebirth, was the key to escape samsara, or cycle of birth and rebirth. Nagarjuna of Madhyamika school of Buddhism dismantled this notion, suggesting that when all phenomena are seen without any self-nature then no difference exists between these concepts.


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