August 18, 2023

What is Prone Masterbation?

Prone masterbation is a form of masturbation that involves lying on your back and using your hands to apply intense pressure and stimulation to your penis and genitals. This type of masturbation has been linked to sexual dysfunction such as delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The practice can also interfere with intimacy concerns and may even cause damage to the clitoris.

The most effective way to break the habit of prone masturbation is to stop completely. A cold turkey approach can help to restore natural sensitivity to the penis, and it may even make other forms of masturbation and sex more pleasurable. For those who are unwilling to quit completely, try reducing the frequency of prone masturbation. For example, instead of masturbating prone every day, try it only once or twice a week. This will allow you to gradually transition to other techniques without feeling overwhelmed.

Some individuals who engage in prone masturbation may experience guilt or shame about the practice. This can lead to a lack of confidence in the bedroom, which can then have negative impacts on overall sexual well-being and sex. Additionally, engaging in prone masturbation regularly can lead to habit formation. As a result, these individuals may have difficulty responding to different stimuli in new positions or with a partner.

For those who are unable to break the habit of prone masturbation, it is often best to seek professional guidance. Behavioral therapy, psycho-sexual counseling with medications and other options can be helpful in breaking the habit of prone masturbation and reclaiming pleasure during sex.


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