November 19, 2023

What is Lean Drink?

If you’re struggling with lean addiction, it’s important to understand the risks of this dangerous drug. The main ingredients in lean are promethazine and codeine, both over-the-counter drugs used to treat symptoms of nausea and coughs. When mixed together, they produce a euphoric high and can make you feel relaxed and calm. However, these drugs interact with each other and can cause severe side effects such as respiratory depression or slowed breathing. This can be fatal.

Lean first burst onto the music scene in the 1990s when rappers from Houston and other cities began referencing it in their songs. These celebrities gave young people a false sense of security by featuring lean-infused parties and lyrics without mentioning the dangers of this substance. Unfortunately, several prominent music artists who talked about drinking lean in their songs eventually died from overdoses or complications from long-term use.

People who become addicted to lean drink often develop a tolerance to its main ingredient, which is an opioid. To experience the same feelings of relaxation and stress relief, they have to keep increasing how much they consume. This is what leads to addiction. It’s also possible for a person to inherit genes that can make them more susceptible to developing a substance use disorder.

Seeking treatment for a lean addiction right away can help you break the cycle of abuse and get back to healthy living. Inpatient drug rehab programs like Turning Point offer safe and supportive environments where you can work on your recovery away from the temptations of your home. Mental health counselors can offer traditional talk therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, among other modalities, to help you discover what caused you to start abusing lean and learn the skills you need to avoid future cravings.


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