January 28, 2024

What is Jnana Yoga?

jnana yoga

Jnana Yoga is a spiritual path which seeks liberation through knowledge of oneself. It has its roots in Advaita Vedanta philosophy which emphasizes non-dualism as the core concept.

Jnana yoga involves studying and meditating on ancient Vedic texts known as Upanishads. This practice requires both spirituality and intellect from its practitioners; its goal being gaining an understanding of Brahman, or Ultimate Truth.

Knowledge can be both powerful and deceitful when used for personal gain. Jnana yoga teaches you to remain open-minded to new information without becoming attached or believing it's yours, in order to avoid suffering and ignorance caused by our world which revolves around self-indulgent desires and beliefs.

Yoga practitioners engaging in Jnana yoga must progress through four pillars of knowledge (jnana bhumikas). Subheccha is the drive to find truth that compels students to study Sanskrit texts without attachment to sensory objects; viveka is an intellectual effort to differentiate between what's real and unreal and permanent or temporary; manana involves questioning what you have learned through Sravana and Viveka; finally Nididhyasana leads directly towards direct realization.


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