July 16, 2023

What is FaceTite Procedure?

The age-related loss of facial elasticity is an unavoidable part of the human aging process. Facial laxity is associated with jowls and folds, a loss of neck definition, and the weakening of the jawline and chin. While the facelift is the surgical method of choice to treat these issues, patients may prefer a less invasive procedure. This is the case with the new FaceTite procedure that uses minimally invasive radio-frequency-assisted lipolysis to tighten skin and melt fat in the neck, jowls, and around the ears.

FaceTite is a less traumatic alternative to traditional facelifts, as it involves no incisions and minimal bruising. The RF waves are delivered to the target area through a small device with an internal electrode that is capped to avoid tissue damage or perforation. The resulting heat stimulates the collagen in the skin while melting and liquefying the fat cells. The liquefied fat is then suctioned away from the body through the cannula, leaving the tissues tightened and firmed.

A patient can expect to see results shortly after a FaceTite treatment, and they will continue to improve as the collagen regenerates. Studies have shown that a single FaceTite treatment can lift the skin of the neck, midface, and chin while improving jowls and other areas of looseness. The results can last up to five years, although this is dependent on genetics, lifestyle choices, and other factors.

Suitable candidates for FaceTite are late-30’s to early-50’s who are experiencing the mild to moderate facial laxity of aging. Unlike more severe signs of aging that may require a facelift, FaceTite can deliver half the results at a fraction of the cost.


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