August 18, 2023

What is Extended Abdominoplasty?

The extended abdominoplasty is an incision that covers a larger area of the stomach and lower back than the classic or mini-tummy tuck. It can also include liposuction if needed to remove extra fat. During the procedure, the surgeon will tighten the abdominal muscles and join them in cases where they were separated by excess skin. They will also remove the belly button, and pull the remaining skin taut. This can help with the “muffin top” or “pooch” appearance.

You will likely experience some swelling after the surgery, but this is a good sign that your body is healing. Be sure to take your pain medications as needed. The bruising and swelling should subside around the second week post-op. It will take several months to see the final results. However, these results should be permanent unless you gain a lot of weight or get pregnant again.

Your doctor will make an incision that spans from hip to hip or may extend around the hips (circumferential abdominoplasty). They will remove the excess skin from your stomach and sometimes from your flanks and the uppermost portion of your lateral thigh. This will give you a more contoured figure. Often, your doctor will combine this with a lower body lift to address the hips, buttocks and, in some cases, thighs. In some cases, Medicare will cover this surgery if you demonstrate that you need it for medical reasons and have prominent skin sagging. Check out this company that helps you with medicare advantage plans.


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