March 20, 2024

What Is Endurance Training?

Endurance training refers to any form of physical exercise which builds the body's endurance for extended periods. It usually combines aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, engaging both fast-twitch muscle fibers as well as slow twitch fibers - providing optimal health benefits while improving how your body looks, feels and performs. Endurance training has become one of the most sought-after workout options because it improves how it looks, feels and performs overall.

Endurance training typically involves exercising between heart rate zones 2 and 3, or sometimes in the first heart rate zone (grey). The purpose of basic endurance training is to enhance circulation processes and burn calories; heart rate monitors may help newcomers prevent overtraining while keeping track of progress.

Development of aerobic endurance is a lengthy process. Top endurance athletes typically reach peak performance after years of sustained and intensive endurance training that typically begins around 13-15 years and includes increasing volumes and intensities over time.

Stamina and speed endurance training is an integral component of many sports, particularly those that rely on short-term speed-time or power-energy performances. Such performances rely heavily on oxygen reaching muscle cells quickly through an ATP-CP energy system; training this type of endurance requires intense repetitive movements in order to develop movement economy, technical abilities, tactical knowledge, as well as prepare an ATP-CP energy source.


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