November 19, 2023

What is Cart Weed?

A cart weed, also known as a cartridge, is a pre-filled container for a cannabis oil that fits into a vaporizer pen and contains an atomizer to heat the concentrate into a vapor that can be inhaled. They are portable, easy-to-use devices that offer a smooth inhalation experience without any of the combustion-related byproducts found with smoking flower.

Cartridges come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Most are glass cylinders that look like e-cigarettes and typically feature a 510 thread on the bottom to connect to a battery (like a CCELL or PAX). Some cartridges have proprietary connectors that only work with specific types of batteries while others have standard 510 threads that fit most devices.

In terms of the contents, most vape carts contain a full spectrum oil that includes both THC and CBD along with terpenes to mimic the effects and flavor of a particular strain. However, some carts only contain one cannabinoid – either a THC distillate or a high-THC isolate – for a more focused effect.

When choosing a vape cart, check to see if the product has been lab-tested and provides information on the exact cannabinoid content. It's best to avoid carts with exaggerated potency claims as they may not have been tested thoroughly and could be contaminated with harmful additives or thinning agents. Look for a cart with high-quality ingredients and a clean taste. You should also find out if a cart has been infused with natural terpenes, which can enhance the cannabis experience and improve effects and flavor.


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