March 29, 2024

What Is Body Positivity?

body positivity

Body positivity is a movement to encourage acceptance and love for oneself. While its purpose is to counteract societal pressure to look a certain way, body positivity can become another source of anxiety when done incorrectly and even lead to eating disorders.

Body positivity embodies the belief that regardless of one's size or shape, they deserve to feel healthy in their own skin and enjoy happiness with themselves and be healthy. Originating in 1960s fat activism movements, its foundation is breaking the link between your weight and value; also working toward ending cultural stigmas associated with obesity or overweightness.

Today, body positivity has become an influential social media movement that seeks to challenge narrowly defined beauty standards. It's supported by popular accounts and campaigns like Dove's Real Beauty initiative as well as promises from fashion magazines to showcase more diverse bodies. But some argue the movement has since moved away from its initial radical roots when becoming mainstream.

Facebook has also become co-opted by the visual status quo; many influential posts feature images of white sculpted bodies considered attractive by society - something many feminist activists and critical sports scholars see as evidence of body positivity gentrification.

Body positive content that is produced still lacks representations of Black, Indigenous, or People of Color bodies; plus-sized or thick-bodied bodies; disabled people; 2SLGBTQAI+ people and older bodies are also absent from its representations.


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