March 10, 2024

What is Body Positivity?

Body positivity is a movement which promotes the value of all bodies. It focuses on their health and functionality rather than on physical appearance; proponents are typically female-identified influencers who address multiple oppressions, including fat activism, ableism racism misogyny. Proponents tend to be more open about discussing social violence that they experience themselves.

While many find this movement helpful, there have been critics. Some researchers have charged it with perpetuating rather than subverting dominant beauty ideals - for instance many social media accounts focused on body positivity feature images of white, cis, thin women under 30; many also promote medical or cosmetic procedures designed to reshape non-normative bodies.

Body positivity involves accepting yourself for being who you are both physically and psychologically, while not letting your body define who you are or define your identity. Being more body positive helps strengthen resilience against messages telling us we should hate ourselves or dislike what our bodies look like.

One way to practice body positivity is through mindfulness and identifying ways that your body serves you throughout the day. You could also do things that make you feel good physically, such as eating fresh food and engaging in regular physical exercise. If you're having difficulty feeling positive about your body, professional assistance such as talk therapy with an experienced therapist could prove immensely useful.


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