February 7, 2024

What Is Body Positivity?

Body positivity is a familiar term, as it has been promoted through social media platforms like Instagram. According to Jordan Helcbergier, student wellness coordinator for outreach and programs at the Office of Student Life, this concept serves as an embodiment of body acceptance that encourages people to love the bodies they have and accept those of others.

Body positivity promotes the idea that one's worth and value are independent from their physical appearance, rather than on who they are as an individual. Unfortunately, some believe this idea perpetuates an obsession with appearance while encouraging unhealthy lifestyle choices such as eating disorders or overexercising.

Body positivity movements have gained increasing traction on social media in response to an environment that emphasizes thinness. One such initiative, known as Body Positive Movement, has become more and more prevalent and proven its ability to improve emotional well-being and self-esteem; according to one recent study that investigated this subject on Instagram, following body positive accounts led by university-aged individuals was associated with greater satisfaction with their bodies than not following such accounts.

An effective body image involves more than simply thinking positively; having a supportive network such as family and friends is also key in encouraging body positivity, particularly early on in the child's development. Parents can set an excellent example by showing their children positive body talk such as not calling themselves fat or saying they are gaining too much weight.


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