March 29, 2024

What is Asana Yoga?

asana yoga

Asanas are yoga postures with many beneficial aspects for body, mind and spirit. They increase strength and flexibility, manage stress and anxiety more effectively and improve respiratory capacity and energy levels.

Asana yoga is one of the most widely practiced branches of Hatha yoga today. This form includes poses that can be performed sitting, standing or lying down and is tailored for all age groups and abilities, from novice practitioners through advanced practitioners. Additionally, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation exercises may be included within its framework.

Yoga poses may be challenging, but they should never cause physical discomfort. Before enrolling in any yoga classes or workshops, always consult with the teacher and inform them of any medical conditions you have that could make poses less comfortable.

The Yoga Sutras state that asana yoga aims to forge an alliance between body and unmanifest spirit, leading to higher consciousness or samadhi. Yoga's form of samadhi does not involve sitting for extended periods in meditation but rather can bring us fully present moments and bring peace and contentment even in an often chaotic world.

Asanas provide energy boosts, combat laziness and shatter Tamas (laziness). They increase flexibility and build a strong body; furthermore they culture the nervous system, providing mental calmness. Furthermore they improve digestion by increasing circulation of blood; this subsequently boosts overall health by preventing disease, improving metabolism and increasing vitality.


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