July 16, 2023

What Is an Everything Shower?

The everything shower trend is sweeping TikTok, encouraging people to take time out of their day to pamper themselves with a lengthy routine that includes exfoliating, shaving and applying hair masks. However, many consumers have questions about what order to do everything in the shower and if there's any way to minimize the amount of water used during the routine. To get answers, we spoke with experts—including New York City-based hairstylist Jackie Seabrooke, Minneapolis-based dermatologist Jenny Liu and Brooklyn-based hairstylist Sarah Potempa—to learn more about this popular ritual.

What Is an Everything Shower?

The definition of an everything shower varies, but it typically includes a range of tasks that usually include a pre-shower prep phase, a shower and a post-shower routine. While some TikTok users joke about how exhausted they feel after their everything showers, others claim the ritual helps them relax and decompress. Some also use it to prepare for a romantic date, while others partake in it to feel more confident about their bodies.

Experts say that it's important to be mindful of your water usage and the potential for product waste while performing an everything shower. Additionally, if you have limited mobility, you might want to consider rethinking this shower technique as it can be dangerous if you drop products or hurt yourself.

However, most experts agree that while an everything shower can be relaxing and a good way to pamper yourself, it's not a necessity. "As with all things, moderation is key," says Dr. Glodny. "Perform an 'everything shower' only once a week, to give your body and skin a break from frequent washings, which can strip the natural oils out of your skin."


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