February 5, 2024

What is a Yogic Meaning?

Yogic meaning is an approach to understanding reality and the universe that provides a profoundly new approach to living our lives. Yoga forms the cornerstone of all spiritual practices based on Hinduism's ancient philosophy as one of the world's oldest religions.

As soon as one hears of "yoga" in the west, many will immediately conjure images of difficult physical postures to increase flexibility in order to become more flexible. But this is an inaccurate perception; "yoga" comes from Sanskrit root yuj which means "to unify or join in an intimate and beneficial relationship".

Patanjali's Yogic Science offers us tools and techniques for soothing our minds and reaching an advanced spiritual state. These practices offer us ways to access reality without filtering it through past experiences or current state of being.

At any activity - be it cooking, singing or dancing - transformation can happen naturally when one becomes completely immersed in it. What yoga practice offers beyond changing who we are in terms of form is altering both chemistry and genetic makeup in ways that have scientific evidence supporting its efficacy - making for a profound experience that truly transforms.


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