July 17, 2023

What is a VCH Jewelry Piercing?

VCH stands for vertical clitoral hood. This is a small fold of skin that sits over your glans clitoris, which is the little nub o’ pleasure at the top of your vulva.

Women who get a VCH piercing report all sorts of sexual perks, from increased orgasms to heightened sensation. Many women feel empowered by wearing a piece of jewelry in this sensitive area, and they consider it a symbol of their body autonomy.

There are risks to getting a vch piercing, and it is not for everyone. You should have a thorough examination by a professional piercer and a frank conversation with them about your sexual preferences. This piercing could desensitize your clitoral hood, so you’ll want to use protection until it heals.

You should also avoid heavy jewelry, as this can cause irritation. You should also wear tight underwear to prevent snagging the jewelry. You should lubricate the site frequently, using a saline rinse or a lubricating spray or gel. This can help prevent infections and promote healing.

You should also stay away from alcoholic beverages, as they can irritate your VCH piercing and lead to dilated pores. You should also avoid acidic liquids, like cranberry juice and orange juice, because they can sting the healing piercing. It’s also a good idea to drink lots of water, as this is an effective sanitizer for the healing site. You should also avoid rubbing the area, as this can damage the skin and encourage bacteria to grow.


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