March 21, 2024

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

An awakening spiritual experience is a life-altering shift in perception, often driven by significant life-altering events or seeking clarity on your life purpose or an unusual mystical encounter. Awakening is about liberating yourself from ego-centric thoughts while becoming open to different points of view.

Angel Intuition and Spiritual Author Shannon Kaiser suggests that some telltale signs of spiritual awakening include feeling like your life has been turned upside-down, spending more time outdoors, shedding old habits, and adopting new beliefs into everyday routines. You may also experience emotional fluctuations as well as increased sensitivity toward their surroundings during this period.

Spiritual awakenings tend to cause people to develop more empathy for the suffering of others, and an increase in motivation to serve humanity. But it's important to remember that spiritual awakening isn't a single event - many individuals go through multiple awakenings throughout their lifetimes.

At times of spiritual awakening, you are often surrounded by spirit guides and teachers who will come into your life at just the right moment to assist on your spiritual path. These may range from friends who share similar paths to tarot readers, astrologers or other practitioners of alternative or spiritual medicine who are available as resources.


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