March 16, 2024

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakenings are profound life-altering experiences that allow individuals to recognize and directly experience their divine nature. An awakening can shatter your reality as you know it and force you forward on a path of conscious growth and evolution.

Whatever may prompt an awakening, it's likely that it will prompt you to question the beliefs and values which define your current lifestyle. Sometimes this occurs as the result of a life-altering event, while other times it could simply be gradual realization that chasing material possessions or success doesn't satisfy as promised.

As part of this phase, you are gathering as much knowledge and experimenting with various ways of being in the world, which may include trying out things such as astrology, healing modalities, tarot cards, yoga meditation and spending more time outdoors. At the same time you begin dismantling things that no longer resonate with you to make room for what truly represents who you are as an individual and aligns with your soul.

At this phase, it's not unusual for your senses to become amplified, and you may start to feel connected to everything around you. According to Kaiser and Richardson, spiritual awakening may also include increased intuition, feelings of deja vu, or random encounters such as thinking of someone then running into them randomly.


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