November 18, 2023

What is a Pleasure Dom?

A pleasure dom is someone who uses a variety of tools to stimulate the senses and control their partner. They may use different textures, toys, or implements like edging and throat choking. A pleasure dom knows how to communicate effectively and prioritizes open discussion about their desires and boundaries. They also have the patience and understanding to navigate the complexities of power dynamics and emotional vulnerability.

This type of dominant role can involve a lot of the same things that other D/s roles do, but with the emphasis on pleasurable activities and the intention to create a bond. They might do classic D/s bondage scenes, but they could also incorporate punishment, orgasm control, and sensory play.

Some people are interested in being a pleasure dom because they want to know how to make their partner feel pleasure without using pain and aggression. Pleasure doms might spank, fuck, or scratch but will not leave marks and can be light with their aggression.

They might even do more playful kinks such as tongue play, throat choking, and mouth gags. A pleasure dom can also manipulate the sub by putting them in different positions to increase the level of stimulation and increase the intensity of their orgasms.

A pleasure dom can also use verbal commands and cues to communicate with their partner during their sexual play. They might tell the sub to come on, stay down, or push harder and then reward them with a satisfying orgasm when they do what the Dom wants.


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