February 10, 2024

What is a Personal Development Plan?

Personal development plans (PDPs) serve as a roadmap that guides your path toward self-improvement. You can refer back to it at any point to monitor progress and stay on course.

Focusing your thoughts and actions, while shifting the emphasis from quantity to quality in pursuit of success is the cornerstone of goal setting. Goal setting also equips you to remain resilient despite challenges encountered on your path toward achieving your objectives.

Your Personal Development Plan should contain SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound). Doing this will ensure that the actions you take align with the outcomes desired. Getting input from supervisors, peers and personal development coaches to identify which skills need strengthening or adding can help identify which mini goals need setting to make those big ones possible.

Digital literacy is a fundamental ability that is integral for both personal and professional life, helping you use technology both at home and work to bank, shop and communicate more easily.

Personal development plans should include people to help achieve your goals - mentors and accountability partners being great sources. Enlisting this support is an effective way of sticking to your PDP when things get tough; acknowledgement also serves as an effective motivator and may serve as a strong deterrent against giving up when faced with setbacks.


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