July 17, 2023

What Is a Guiche Piercing?

The guiche piercing is a genital piercing, but unlike other more common genital piercings like the daith and anal, it’s done through the perineum rather than the scrotum. It’s popular among peeps with penises, though it can be gotten by people of both genders. It’s a great piercing for men who want to add a little extra fun to their sex lives, as it’s got a very sexual side that can be stimulating for both partners.

While it’s not as painful as other genital piercings, the pain tolerance level for this piercing can vary from one man to another. Most guiche piercings hurt less than a traditional nipple or lip piercing, and only last for a minute or two. However, the pain can also depend on whether or not you choose to get horizontal or vertical piercings and how close they are to your anus or scrotum.

If you do opt for this piercing, be sure to go to an experienced piercer that specializes in genital piercings. This will reduce your risk of infection, incorrect placement, and nerve damage. Additionally, it will be more comfortable for you if you shower or take a bath before you go to get the piercing so that your skin is clean.

The piercing is also susceptible to migration and rejection, where your piercing moves away from its position or your body pushes the jewelry out of the hole entirely. This is especially true if you engage in activities that require sitting for long periods of time, like horseback riding or biking.


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