August 19, 2023

What is a C Ring?

A c ring, also known as a testicle ring or scrotum ring, is a fun and safe way to boost intimacy and pleasure during sex. It works by trapping blood in the penis to lengthen erections, enhance orgasms and create sensations of tightness and engorgement. It's also great for making vaginal and anal double penetration more pleasurable.

This sex toy is very easy to use and can be worn by both partners during sex or masturbation. You can simply slip it around the base of the penis, or you can wear it underneath the scrotum to constrict the flow of blood from the balls and shaft. Cock rings are made from a variety of materials including medical grade silicone and soft rubber. They are very comfortable and easy to clean. There are even models that can vibrate, either by using a bullet-style vibrator or through the ring itself.

You can start by lubricating the ring with your favorite water-based lube to make it easier for it to slide on and off and prevent unwanted friction or snags. It's important to use a high-quality lube with all sex toys, as abrasive lubricants can cause irritation and damage to the skin and tissues of the genital area.

Most people can safely use a cock ring, though it's best to only wear it for 30 minutes or so in order to avoid excessive pressure that can lead to tissue damage. It's also a good idea to consult a doctor before using a cock ring if you have any medical issues that could interfere with your ability to feel pressure on the penis, such as a hernia, a prior injury or chronic penile pain or soreness.


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