August 18, 2023

What is a Boobgasm?

If you’re interested in exploring other orgasm types besides the known vaginal or clitoral ones, your nipples are an amazing target for ecstasy. A nipple orgasm, also known as a breast induced orgasm, is triggered when a woman’s nipples are stimulated in particular ways. Similar to the clitoris or the vagina, the nipple sends nerve impulses to a specific area in the brain called the medial paracentral lobule.

The nipples are very erogenous zones with hundreds of nerve endings that can trigger sexual arousal for both men and women. Some women have even reported getting orgasms from breast play alone, and this is true for both sexes, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Many techniques can trigger a nipple orgasm, from simple touch (using your fingertips) to more intense sensations such as massaging, pinching, stroking, twisting, squeezing, and pulling. You can also use a variety of lubricants, oils, and nipple vibrators to increase the pleasure. Some women have a hard time reaching orgasms from nipple stimulation, but this may depend on the individual’s body and a wide range of specific factors.

Nipple orgasms are usually a prelude to orgasms from other erogenous areas like the clitoris and vulva. But they are a great way to start intimacy, and it’s a fun activity for both partners. Interestingly, her nipples will become darker when they are aroused, which can be a visual clue for you to know whether she is in climax or not.


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