November 19, 2023

What He Thinks After You Sleep With Him

Some guys are really into you and they want to see where the relationship goes. They might even tell their friends that they want to sleep with you again. This is a good sign that he wants to take things further with you. He might want to meet up again or talk on the phone.

This is a good sign that he was really into you during sex. He may also think about how much fun he had with you during sex. He might even be thinking about what time he wants to meet up with you again.

Another thing he might be thinking about after you sleep with him is how long it took him to reach climax. This is because he might be concerned about how you will respond to him in the future. He will want to know if you were satisfied.

If he rushes out of bed straight after sex it could be because he needs to shower or get dressed. He might be thinking that he had a great time with you and it wasn't that quick. He might be wondering if you want to hang out again or he might be thinking about asking you out.

If he asks you about your family, your friends and what you like to do in your free time, it's a good sign that he was into you. He might be asking these questions because he wanted to get to know you better and wanted to have a conversation.


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