April 16, 2023

What Happens If You Take Expired CBD Oil?

what happens if you take expired cbd oil

What Happens If You Take Expired CBD Oil

Every food goes bad, so it stands to reason that CBD should too. This is because the product loses its potency over time, and can become more ineffective with age.

The kind of oil also affects its shelf life. High-quality products typically last longer, thanks to better quality hemp and the processes used to extract the cannabinoids.

When it comes to CBD oil, storing it in dark, opaque containers is best to minimize exposure to light and heat. These can accelerate oxidation and break down the CBD oil's ingredients and potency.

Airtight containers are another great way to extend the shelf life of your CBD oil. These keep the bottle's contents away from a variety of sources of heat, including radiators, ovens, and windowsills.

Expired CBD can lose its potency, as well as its overall quality and smell. This can make it unpleasant to use, and can even cause you to get sick.

It can also change its texture, color, and thickness. If it's thicker or looks to be separating from the rest of the oil, it may have gone off.

The taste and smell of CBD can be an indicator as well, but this can also be difficult to identify. It's usually a pleasant, earthy scent, and it shouldn't be skunky or pungent. If the flavor tastes sour or bitter, it's probably going bad.


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