March 19, 2023

What Happened to Danielle Busby Health?

what happened to danielle busby health

What happened to danielle busby health

Ever since her starring role on OutDaughtered launched in 2016, Danielle Busby has been one of the most popular "reality" stars on television. As the mother of six daughters, five of which were born at the same time, viewers have been captivated by her family's ups and downs.

While it's true that the show has gotten darker over the years, it's also been heartwarming to see the Busby family make it through a lot of tough times together. And even though her health struggles have been a major focus on the show for several seasons, it's clear that she and her husband Adam Busby are always there to support their girls.

Danielle's health has been a topic of discussion on OutDaughtered, but it seems like the reality star is finally making progress with her condition. In an Instagram post on Thursday, her husband Adam Busby shared a short update with fans.

During the video, Adam Busby said that he and Danielle are taking care of her health and trying to get her back to feeling normal as quickly as possible. He says they have tried several different medications and that she is able to manage her flare-ups with medication.

The Busby family's journey with their mystery illness is just getting started, and it looks like they are going to have to learn a lot more about it in the coming months. In the meantime, they are putting their heads down and trying to make this all work out.


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