August 18, 2023

What Does THC Free Mean?

When you see CBD products marketed as "THC Free," it means they are below 0.3 percent THC by weight. This is the legal limit in most places where CBD is sold. The reason you might want a THC free product is to avoid the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Or, you may need to avoid THC because it interferes with other medications you are taking. It's also important for athletes who have to submit to drug tests and don't want to risk failing one because they ingested a THC-containing product.

THC Free+ CBD is a CBD hemp extract that has had THC removed by either physical separation or chemical conversion. This process removes all but trace amounts of THC without affecting the other plant compounds that are beneficial to your health. The result is a broad spectrum product that can help you feel more calm, sleep better, and still delivers all the other cannabis plant compounds you need for wellness.

Choosing THC free is a great option for people who do not want to get high, and it's the best choice for athletes that are required to take a drug test. This is because the tiny amount of THC that is left in a full spectrum CBD oil can show up in a drug test as THC metabolites.

This is why it's important for reputable companies to use third-party labs to test their product before they put it on the market. When you look at the Certificate of Analysis (COA), you should be able to read the THC level and verify it's below a certain detection limit.


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