November 19, 2023

What Does Squid Ink Taste Like?

Squid ink has been used as a food ingredient for centuries, especially in Italy and Spain. It adds a unique and stunning color to dishes and is often used with seafood as it has a savory umami flavor. It can be found in pasta, pizza, paella and even ice cream! Squid ink also provides a rich black color to foods without the need for adding artificial coloring.

Squid ink is a dark liquid that is ejected from a squid's gills when it gets scared or is being attacked by predators. It contains a protein called melanin and is filled with polysaccharides, enzymes and amino acids (via Atlas Obscura). This squid ink also helps the squid hide from predators by emitting its own shadow. The dark liquid can be a bit fishy, but it has a savory salty saline taste similar to oysters.

Although it may sound odd to eat, squid ink has been used for writing, cosmetics and traditional holistic medicines. It is also a popular ingredient for making seafood soups, rice and pasta.

When it is added to pasta, squid ink acts as a natural dye and doesn't change the texture of the noodles. It can be mixed into dough before rolling out the pasta or added to a dish while it's cooking. It is best to add squid ink to the recipe while it's still hot so that the flavor blends evenly with the other ingredients. If you're not a fan of squid ink, cuttlefish ink, which has a similar flavor and is much darker, can be substituted.


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