December 15, 2023

What Does SOS Mean Sexually?

Whether in desert island cartoons, maritime movies or even in a song by ABBA, SOS has been the internationally recognized distress signal since 1905. The letters SOS are recognizable and easy to remember because of their association with the Morse code symbol for Save Our Ship. They are also easy to write, making them fast and convenient to use. They are so simple and recognizable that they are often used in digital communication, such as in chat texting or social media conversations.

For example, teenagers frequently use SOS in their online conversations. This slang acronym is used to warn the person they are communicating with that someone else is listening to or watching them. It is similar to the POS (someone over shoulder) acronym people use to warn others that their parents are watching them.

Sexual Operating Systems are unique to each individual, and they naturally evolve throughout one’s life. They are influenced by growth and transformation in relationships, changes in values and beliefs, and novel experiences. Understanding one’s SOS allows for greater clarity and stronger intimacy in relationships.

In addition, the SOS scale is a reliable and valid tool to assess erotophilia. The short version of the SOS-6 presents adequate psychometric properties, including internal consistency reliability (Cronbach’s alpha) and test-retest reliability and concurrent validity, minimizing evaluation bias (Vallejo-Medina, Granados, & Sierra, 2019). In addition, the SOS scale has been shown to be sensitive in measuring sexual fantasies and arousal, as well as sexual satisfaction.


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