November 19, 2023

What Does Sex Feel Like For a Man?

Women are naturally curious about what sex feels like for their partners, especially when they start to fall in love. Knowing what makes your partner happy and fulfilled can be the best way to keep the fire alive in your relationship. While it is not always possible to know exactly what your man feels, you can be sure that he will want the same things as you do.

When a woman is orgasmic, she might feel her nipples or clit harden and swell, her vagina may become wet, and the penis can become firmer. This is because a woman's body secretes the hormone prolactin during this stage, which triggers sexual stimulation and pleasure. Afterwards, she might also release oxytocin, which promotes feelings of bonding and affection.

A man's orgasm can sometimes feel uncomfortable for him, depending on a variety of factors. For example, if he doesn't have enough lubrication or if he is not in the right mood, he might experience pain. He might even feel that his clitoris is being pressed against the urethra, which can cause him to feel like he is losing control of his penis.

However, most men say that the biggest reason they need and want sex is to have an emotional connection with their partner. This is because they view sex as a means to heal their wounds and hurts and to find joy in life again. It is the reason that drives them to work hard and push through daily monotony, tantalized by the thought of a sexual reward at the end of the day.


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