November 19, 2023

What Does Orange and Yellow Make?

Whether you are painting, designing, or crafting with polymer clay, knowing what colors make up orange can help you create your own shades of this popular hue. This article will show you how to mix the primary and secondary colors to create the orange color, along with some other variations that you can use in your art projects.

What does yellow and orange make?

Yellow and orange are both warm, vibrant colors. They are often associated with happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm. They can be used to add energy and a feeling of warmth and security to a room or piece of artwork. They can also be a bit overwhelming and overpowering, especially in large quantities, so many designers opt for using them sparingly. The best way to create a good balance is to combine them with neutral or muted colors like gray, brown, and green.

When you mix yellow and orange together, you will get a rich, vivid orange shade. You can also adjust the intensity of this shade by adding white or black. Adding white will lighten the tone of the orange, while black will make it appear darker and more muted.

Orange is a secondary color that is created by mixing the primary colors red and yellow. It is found in the spectrum of visible light, where it sits between yellow and red on the color wheel. When you are creating your own shades of orange, it is important to keep in mind that the color you see will depend on the wavelengths of light that your eye reflects. For example, if you are creating a warm orange shade like marigold or fire, it will be more yellow in appearance, while if you are creating a cooler orange shade like burnt sienna, it will be more red in appearance.


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