March 15, 2024

What Does it Mean to Be Yogic?

When people refer to an activity as being "yogic", it means they use ancient Indian practices like mindfulness, nonjudgment and compassion to enhance their lives. But what exactly is yoga, and what does it mean to be "yogic?"

Yoga, in its original yogic tradition, is an integrative discipline encompassing physical postures and breathing techniques as well as meditation and spiritual philosophy. Millions of people worldwide practice it successfully as a path toward spiritual enlightenment - from all religions or none at all!

A yogi is someone who practices yoga and who strives to live according to its principles and teachings. A yogi is aware of their actions and willing to alter when necessary; living harmoniously with life's cycles while finding joy even during difficult circumstances is what defines this lifestyle.

Yoga derives its name from the root yuj, which translates as to join or harness. This same root gives us our English words like yoke, tie and yogi.

Yoga practice's goals depend on philosophical or religious tradition; generally though, its aim is to control senses to reach a state of pure awareness, then merge into it. Yoga's ultimate aim is samadhi (ultimate liberation). Through steady control of senses this leads to permanent freedom from suffering and the cycle of rebirth.


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